Translation, study and verification of the sayings of Jesus recorded by Thomas

Here - about working with the so-called "Gospel of Thomas." Its text (almost completely preserved) was found in Egypt near the city of Nag Hammadi in December 1945, and its first publication in the form of photographs was made in 1956.

Why is the translation and interpretation of this text extremely difficult?
Firstly, although the text is physically almost undamaged, it cannot, of course, be argued that it did not change in the process of translations and rewriting even before it was fixed in writing on the discovered papyrus sheets.
Secondly, the meanings of some words, which are usually translated as "soul", "spirit", "body", "flesh", "images", "kingdom", "peace", "blessed", etc., change very quickly both in historical terms , as well as geographically.
And thirdly (and this is the main reason for the difficulties), Jesus speaks in a not quite ordinary human language - his thought is always, as it were, on top of ordinary language constructions.
Therefore, in order to translate and interpret this text, one must first look for the keys to understand it, both in other texts and in records from one's own life.

Everything that is stated on this site regarding the sayings of Jesus recorded by Thomas is not teaching material. Indeed, at the very beginning of the work, Jesus unequivocally says that each must himself "discover the meaning of these sayings". So, the interpretations (explanations) available here and the grouping by topic are created by the author, first of all, for himself personally. But they may be useful to other seekers, and therefore are published in the public domain.

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